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Drop Test ISO 11117:2008
  • The protection device shall be tested to prove that under rough handling conditions, the test valve maintains its operability
  • This test shall be carried out with cap or guard at room temperature +20° C and at -20° or a lower temperature
    if specified (6.7.1)
  • The protection device together with the valve for which
    it is intended shall be fitted to a test cylinder
  • This assembly shall be dropped vertically at an angle
    of 30°, the cap or guard directed downwards.
    There shall be a distance of 1,20 mt between the lowest point of the guard or cap and the impact surface (6.7.5)
Drop Test TC/DOT:2007
  • Each cylinder with a valve must be equipped with a protective metal cap, other valve protection device
    or an overpack which is sufficient to protect the valve
    from breakage or leakage resulting from a drop of 2.0 mt./7 feet onto a non-yelding surface, such as
    concrete or steel
  • Impact must be at an orientation most likely
    to cause damage, as specified in 173.4
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